OEM Parts

K CAR is a Collision repair facility that uses vehicle manufactured parts. K CAR understands that your vehicle was designed and engineered with the highest quality of parts and we will ensure that it is returned in the same condition it was in prior to the accident.

VIP Service Liaisons

Our friendly staff are well versed in auto collision claims. K CAR helps guide you through your claim from the beginning to the end. We offer free towing to our facility, free rental car assistance, free car wash service, as well as estimates by text or emailing photos. K CAR understands that an accident is a big inconvenience and we do our best and beyond to make the experience as easy as possible. Our concierge service even picks you up if a ride to the shop is an issue.

Certified Service

With ASE and I-CAR technicians, K CAR ensures your vehicle will be repaired according to OEM specifications. At K CAR your safety is our priority. Your vehicle was designed to keep you safe and we take every precaution to ensure it is put back that way before delivery.

Overspray Removal

Overspray is a substance that has been carried from its origin to another point. It is not always visible but can be detected using sandpaper over your car. There is no way to totally prevent this situation however we are here to fix it!

More about our services...

What is an OEM in the automotive sector? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM is the original producer of a vehicle's components, therefore OEM car parts are identical to the parts used in producing a vehicle. K CAR uses only OEM parts unless specifically directed by the customer. OEM parts are designed and engineered to protect you. We understand the battery of tests the car manufactures goes through to ensure a safe product.


K CAR uses BASF Glasurit 90 Line. OEM's use 90 Line on approximately 70% of all new cars, including high-end manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. They are finished with waterborne paint, making 90 Line the ideal system for repair. In addition, ultra-luxury cars such as Maybach and Rolls-Royce are hand sprayed at the plant with 90 Line - the very same base coat used by K CAR today.

The use of 90 Line by these ultra-luxury car manufacturers is a testament to the quality of BASF's waterborne technology and confidence that these companies have in BASF Glasurit products.